Californians want marijuana legalized, just need to agree on how to do it


More than half of all Californians want marijuana legalized, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.
This is the first time that PPIC has polled a majority of Californians in favor of cannabis legalization. Similar polls in 2010 and 2012 had only 45 percent in favor of freeing the weed.

Still, it seems that California might be a ways away from legalizing cannabis – even small amounts. Proposition 19 in 2010 was the most recent attempt, and it failed for various reasons to get more than 46 percent of the vote – about on par with the PPIC study at the time. There is nothing on the table for this November and supporters of ballot measures for 2014 are only just now taking signatures.
By far the biggest legalization supporters at the polls in the state were the Democrats, with 64 percent supporting legalization efforts. Sixty percent of independents were in support as well. Republicans remain the holdouts, with only 45 percent agreeing that it’s time for California to change their marijuana policies.
Additionally, 68 percent of people polled said that the federal government should butt-out of states that have allowed for medical and recreational marijuana sales, use and cultivation.
But really, did we need a study for that? If you’re from a cannabis intolerant state and spend any amount of time in California around the right people and you’ll quickly realize how much people out there simply don’t care about marijuana use.