Mexico City Council considering pot clubs, legalizing cultivation


Mexico City Council is debating allowing private marijuana smoking clubs as well as the private cultivation of cannabis plants as a way of easing drug-related crime in the violence-torn nation.
While the idea makes perfect sense to supporters and anyone with a set of eyes who can see marijuana prohibition has failed, Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto says he’s against the measure and any legalization efforts.

Currently, the possession of up to five grams of marijuana has been legalized however cultivation and sales remain illegal. The Mexico city plan is still being drafted, but author Vidal Llerenas says he favors modeling the bill after laws passed in Washington state in the United States that allow up to an ounce of marijuana for personal possession.
“But the most realistic would be something like in the Netherlands where consumption and possession are not penalized,” he told the Agence France Presse.
City Council member Esthela Damian says the proposal will likely allow for adults to cultivate up to three plants as well as allow for cooperatives where multiple people can get together to grow and consumer the herb.
Legalization of cannabis in Mexico has become a hot topic as of late, thanks in part to the support of former Mexico President Vicente Fox.
“We all know that in a scenario of harmony and peace is where humans give our best performance and achieve the greatest achievements. We gotta get out of this trap! We must move towards a significant reduction of violence in the world caused by illegal drugs, ” Fox said in June.
Legislators earlier this year talked about legislation at the federal level that would allow cannabis cultivation and semi-private use at the federal level.