New Jersey cops think people can overdose on marijuana


A teenager was arrested earlier this week after police say he gave marijuana to two girls who then “overdosed” on the herb.
No, we aren’t making this horseshit up. Pot paranoia is alive and well in New Jersey. The cops in Franklin Borough actually released that bit information to the press. But here’s the kicker: they admit that they didn’t test for anything and admit “other narcotics” could be involved.

Cops say that two girls – aged 15 and 16 – got the pot from the boy, smoked it then were found near the library on Main Street in the town “in distress and in need of medical attention,” according to Det. Nevin Mattesich of the Franklin Police Department.
Apparently the girls were so torn-up by whatever they ingested that they had to be taken to the emergency room. Either this is a case of cops overreacting to some girls who got a little too high, or they weren’t smoking marijuana in the first place.
Meanwhile, a 17-year-old has been arrested and has all of this hanging over his head for a HARMLESS PLANT THAT NOBODY HAS EVER OVERDOSED ON IN THE HISTORY OF HISTORY.
Cops told reporters with that they would “aggressively pursue” the case until they had it figured out.