Second-ever medical marijuana dispensary opening in New Jersey


There are about 1,500 marijuana plants being harvested right now, with a final resting place somewhere in the hands of sick New Jersey patients.
Starting October 15, the Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey near Atlantic City, will open its doors to patients – provided they have made a reservation.

Walk-in patients won’t be allowed. All sales have to be scheduled a day in advance. And it sounds like a high-class, strictly-business affair. When patients do show up, a registered nurse is there to talk about which direction they should take, medicine-wise. Ounces sell for $400 out the door (roughly four times as much as out west).
There are currently only three strains available to patients, a high-CBD strain and two strengths of THC-heavy hybrids.
Owners tell the Philadelphia Inquirer they predict they’ll make about $8 million in sales in the first year, which might sound high but it is not unreasonable. So far, New Jersey has struggled to keep up with the demand for medical cannabis in the state and have only issued a handful of licenses to medical marijuana dispensary operators.
Dispensaries in New Jersey operate as non-profits. So all money would have to go towards paying off investors as well as up to $2 million in taxes to the federal government. Of course, being a non-profit doesn’t mean that people aren’t making money. Salaries are still paid through all money that comes in, after all.
CFC says they can handle up to 1,500 patients through their facility. The current sole medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey, Greenleaf Compassion Center, has come under fire for not being able to keep up with patient demand as promised.
For more, check out the video below from CBS Philly: