Unhappy birthday 2: TSA find 100 pounds gift-wrapped in luggage at LAX


Californians: Wrapping weed in birthday presents does not prevent cops from finding them.
We’ve been over this before, yet still some people keep trying it. Take the two geniuses who checked into LAX headed for Atlanta with about 100 pounds gift-wrapped up in their luggage yesterday, for example.

Police say that the unidentified suspects checked in with four bags early yesterday morning. The bags – like nearly all bags at an airport the size of LAX – went through additional screening when an alarm alerted TSA to one of the suitcases.
“There was some sort of alarm, and we had to open the bag. We found these big packages of what turned out to be marijuana wrapped up to look like a birthday gift,” TSA spokesman Nico Melendez tells the LA Daily News.
Cops estimate the value of the pot at $300,000. In California, that is. In Atlanta, that amount herb can go for nearly double that price.
Meanwhile, the suspects who dropped off the luggage must have known they were busted because they never showed up at the gate.
Or maybe they were just checking four heavy suitcases onto a flight they never planned on boarding. According to the Daily Breeze, domestic flights will still take off if passengers with bags checked onboard miss their flights. Only international flights link bags to every passenger before takeoff.
Either way, the DEA, LAPD and LAX airport police are looking for the suspects. For that matter, so are the people expecting the money for all that marijuana.
According to LAX police, marijuana is pretty commonly found in luggage in TSA screenings but most often involve cops only when large quantities are found.