Dalai Lama supports legalized medical cannabis but not recreational puffing


Dalai Lama.

In Mexico for the week, the Dalai Lama says that medical cannabis should be available to sick and needy medical patients. The comments make sense coming from a man that has devoted his entire life to compassion.
But the Tibetan Buddhist leader also cautioned against recreational use, saying that “if it’s just an issue of somebody [using cannabis for]a crazy mind, that’s not good.”

The Dali Lama is in Mexico for an event hosted by former Mexican President Vicente Fox at the Fox Center in Guanajuato, who has been a vocal champion of both medical and recreational cannabis legalization in his country as a way to help curb cartel violence.
The cannabis questions came from an audience member at a town-hall style forum. Fox, who was also in attendance, allegedly chuckled at the query.
The Dalai Lama’s position isn’t actually anything new, however. In Buddhism, there is a tenet that people should avoid wines, liquors and intoxicants. But there is also mention of cannabis as a medicine in certain sects of Buddhism.