Florida attorney donates $250,000 to 2014 medical marijuana legalization in Sunshine State


John Morgan.

Orlando attorney John Morgan has become the face of a growing grassroots medical marijuana ballot initiative campaign in Florida.
Morgan, who has recently taken to radio airwaves to get his message across, has also put his money where his mouth is by donating more than a quarter-million dollars to the People United for Medical Marijuana campaign.

Supporters need to collect 700,000 signatures to get the measure before voters, though they are well on their way with more than 100,000 collected as of mid-August. As written, the bill would allow for medical marijuana patients to grow their own marijuana, assign a private caregiver to grow for them or allow them to shop at medical marijuana treatment centers, which would also cultivate and sell medical cannabis to consumers. Details of the bill, including how much cannabis each patient would be allowed to possess would be left up to the state health department to decide if the bill is passed.
Medical cannabis bills don’t have the best track record in Florida. Measures introduced last year, for example, didn’t even get a preliminary hearing.
Morgan says his involvement stems from his brother, Tim, who is a quadriplegic due to a childhood injury and uses cannabis to control muscle spasms. Morgan also says that his father used cannabis to control his nausea while battling often-painful esophageal cancer and emphysema.
“[My father] was one of these guys who said, ‘Don’t smoke, don’t do drugs,’ but Tim said try it,” Morgan recalls. “Overnight he was able to sit up and eat meals. He was able to enjoy life. It made his last days more restful and calm.”
Seeing the transformation helped sell medical cannabis to Morgan, who now supports it as an alternative treatment for the tens of thousands of sick Floridians.
Pill mills are prescribing dangerous narcotics like candy,” he says in a radio spot. “People get addicted and many die. Medical marijuana has been proven to give our loved ones the relief they need.”
Below, check out the entire radio spot from Morgan:

Morgan’s donations over the last three months represent about 63 percent of the group’s entire budget.