Justin Trudeau, Canadian Liberal Party leader, blasts Canada’s new medical marijuana laws (VIDEO)


Justin Trudeau.

The leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, Member of Parliament Justin Trudeau has been honest about his cannabis use in the past few months.
But now he’s drawing attention to the medical cannabis use of thousands of Canadians that is being threatened by law changes that prohibit home cultivation and force patients to purchase from state-regulated outlets. Trudeau has said the changes stem from the current prime minister’s “nanny state” approach to marijuana.

Trudeau was speaking at the University of Manitoba Wednesday when Canadian cannabis activist Steven Stairs asked for the MP’s take. Trudeau shot him straight, as we say down here in the ‘States:
“The current hyper-controlled approach around medical marijuana that actually removes from individuals the capacity to grow their own is not going in the right direction, in either respect to freedom or the kind of care that people need,” he said.
Trudeau went on to say that the policy should be changed and give people the freedom to make choices about how they get their medicne while balancing the need to keep cannabis out of the hands of kids – one of the main arguments for a tightly-regulated system by the current conservative government. “But we don’t need to be all nanny state about it the way [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper is with his prohibition.”
Check out the entire video from Stairs below: