Real-life “Weeds” mom pleads guilty to cannabis cultivation in New York


Andrea Sanderlin’s grow operation.

Andrea Sanderlin, the New York mom accused earlier this summer of running a multimillion dollar marijuana ring, has pled guilty to operating a grow facility in Queens.
Sanderlin, who many in the media joked was the real-life version of the Showtime series “Weeds”, confessed to her “crimes” Tuesday, admitting to running the grow house for nearly four years.

In her prepared statement, Sanderlin said that she grew more than 1,000 plants over that time and sold the marijuana produced. The 45-year-old mother of three is currently out on a half-million dollar bail.
Police say Sanderlin was busted last May after DEA agents were alerted by strange activity on an electrical account Sanderlin had with Consolidated Edison utilities. Her average monthly bill was around $9,000, according to cops. The grow operation was listed as “Fantastic Enterprises,” according to court documents.
But according to The Smoking Gun, Sanderlin was actually put on the feds radar after being snitched out by a friend of Sanderlin’s boyfriend after the two men were arrested at an unrelated grow operation. According to TSG, the snitch told cops that Sanderlin regularly brought clones and cash to the grow.
Cops arrested Sanderlin after following her from her home in Scarsdale to the warehouse in Queens and back. After obtaining a warrant, police say they found more than 2,800 ganja plants growing in the warehouse as well as “large amounts” of dried bud.
Police also raided Sanderlin’s home, arresting her maid and seizing about $7,900 in cash.
Sanderlin could be facing up to ten years in prison.