Missouri drug cop sticks by comments that marijuana legalization advocates are stupid wellfare-sucking potheads who probably can’t read


Kevin Glaser.

Kevin Glaser, the retired Missouri Drug Task Force cop we told you about last week who ranted on Facebook about marijuana legalization advocates, calling them stupid welfare leeches, isn’t backing down.
“To me, Facebook’s there to put your opinion on, and I wouldn’t retract a word about it,” he tells the Southeast Missourian.

Glaser, who has received government paychecks for 28 years for busting people with drugs, including marijuana, while openly frequenting bars and distilleries, also refused to take back the “welfare” comment, in which he says “Tomorrow I go back to fight crime, and they go back to collecting their welfare check…”
Read Glaser’s original Facebook rant below, and click over to the Riverfront Times for more on this moron.

On the positive side of things, if this is the intelligence level of the anti-pot crowd, marijuana legalization will probably come a lot quicker than most believe.