Atlanta woman finds blunt roach in Wendy’s cheeseburger


November 1 was bad day for Atlanta’s Amy Seiber. After waking up and heading to her job at Wendy’s to flip burgers all day, she realized that the half-blunt she had saved for herself had gone missing.
That’s bad, but not the really bad part. The bad part is that her blunt was a few miles away in the kitchen of some fast-food junkie ready to scarf down her quarter-pounder with chee’. More specifically: inside the bun of said quarter-pounder with chee.

The irate customer called Lovejoy, Georgia police and told them about the roach and asked if the cops would meet the customer back at the restaurant. It’s not clear if they were more upset about the blunt or that Wendy’s fucked up their cheeseburger order (again!).
Cops showed up to the Wendy’s, where they were met in the lobby by the manager. By the time Seiber looked up and saw the 5-0, she realized what had happened and came clean immediately. She apologized to everyone involved, but was nevertheless fired likely at the same time as the cops were arresting her for marijuana possession. At least she was honest.

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The customer, on the other hand, completely blew things out of proportion and told TMZ that she had to go to the hospital for food poisoning. Which probably had nothing to do with the pot at all and everything to do with it being Wendy’s.
Seriously though, based on the photos from TMZ, the customer seems like a nut. For starters, they clearly found the blunt before biting into the burger. So if they did eat the burger afterwards, wouldn’t it be their own dam fault if anything happened due to the blunt (which it didn’t)?
Wendy’s, of course, backed away from it all immediately. “Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps,” a spokesman told media yesterday.
All joking aside, this is absolutely disgusting.
Wendy’s? Gross.