Kingston, Jamaica airport cops net four ganja busts in six hours


This should probably be widely known information at this point, but do not try and smuggle pot out of Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport. After 40 years of being known as the pot capitol of the Caribbean, the police have made it pretty hard to get through one of their largest airports.
Take yesterday, for example, when cops busted four different, unrelated groups of people trying to get ganja out of the country netting a total of 156.4 pounds of compressed buds according to the Jamaica Observer.

It all started around 10 a.m. when a drug dog team “accosted” and searched a man boarding a flight to Barbados after dogs sniffed out his checked bags that had a secret compartment stuffed with about six pounds of sticky. The man and the woman he was with were taken into custody, but their names were not released as per Jamaican law because they had not been formally charged with a crime.
That was only the start of the day. About an hour later the same drug team stopped a cargo truck in a roundabout on airport property. In the back of the truck, cops found 129 pounds of ganja poorly hidden beneath a shipment of yam. Three men were arrested and the truck was seized.
After lunch, security screening at the baggage area uncovered yet another alleged ganja smuggler, this time a bag with 18.6 pounds of pot was found and the man was hauled off the flight and taken to prison.
And then finally, around 2:30 p.m., the pot hounding pigs were called to the luggage of a fourth man checking into a flight to Curacao with about three pounds of pot hidden in a (presumably large) tin of cheese.