Marijuana legalization in Uruguay is official


Uruguayan President Jose Mujica signed a bill legalizing limited amounts of cannabis in that country Monday night, finally making the law official in the country after weeks of international attention.
The signing went into effect with little or no fanfare or ceremony. In fact, it was the president’s secretary, Diego Canepa who quietly made the announcement on Tuesday morning to international press.

The measure will also allow adults to cultivate up to six plants at home every year and keep up to 17 ounces of herb from those plants. The law also allows for people to create smoking and cultivation cooperatives with as many as 45 members. Growers, sellers, wholesalers and even customers will be tracked through government systems. Each adult will be allowed to purchase up 40 grams every month. Cannabis sales will only be allowed to Uruguayans licensed in the program.
The government will now spend the next four months in rulemaking to establish the legal system, though Uruguayan adults can now begin possessing, using and growing up to six plants at home.