Meet Jeff Mizanskey, Missouri’s only inmate sentenced to death in prison for pot


Riverfront Times/Kholood Eid.
Jeff Mizanskey.

The print edition of the Riverfront Times this week tells the whole story of Jeff Mizanskey, the only man in Missouri serving a life sentence without parole for marijuana charges.
Twenty years ago this month, Mizanskey was arrested in a sting operation that resulted in him being convicted a few months later of possessing and intending to distribute about five pounds of marijuana. The story tells how the sting operation came about, how an over-the-top prosecutor and judge were able to dole out such a harsh sentence, and why Mizanskey believes the governor should grant him clemency — his only option of ever getting out of prison.

The Riverfront Times interviewed Mizanskey at the Jefferson City Correctional Center in November. See below for a video excerpt of that interview in which he explains his frustration about being a nonviolent offender who will never get a chance at parole: