Nevada medical marijuana dispensary program stalled until Fall 2014


Sorry Nevada patients (and patient visitors), you’ll have to wait a little longer until you can purchase legal medical cannabis thanks to your state government dragging their heels.
Officials say that they will completely blow the April 1 deadline to begin accepting medical marijuana dispensary and grower licenses because regulations haven’t even been approved yet.

State health department manager Marla McDade Williams said the department will have the staff ready to go by April 1, but that until the state passes regulations there won’t be any thing to approve or deny. She says the soonest that licenses will go out will be September 2014.
Regulations are hung up currently in state Health Division committees. Once approved there, they have to then go to the state Board of health and then on to the state Legislative Commission. After that, it is on to the Legislative Council Bureau.
Once all of that finishes up, there will be a 30-day window for applications and then a 90-day grace period while the state goes over background checks and other parts of the applications.
Nevada legislators passed medical marijuana dispensary laws earlier this year, allowing as many as 66 dispensaries to open across the state. The state program will allow for reciprocity with other state programs.