Penn. grow op found after man alleged attempted to smother his sister with a pillow


Brothers and sisters fighting is nothing new. My sister and I are in our 30s and still bicker and argue over trivial stuff all the time. But smothering your sister with a pillow and threatening to put her in a “permanent sleep”?
That’s taking things a little too far.

An unnamed 17-year-old Pennsylvania girl says that’s exactly what happened to her over the weekend. While there are few details out, the girl says her 21-year-old brother, Matthew Jacobs, tried to kill her with a pillow like a bad hit man flick.
In addition to the alleged family abuse, the girl told cops that her brother was growing herb in his bedroom closet and even showed them pictures of the grow operation she had taken with her phone. Cops got a search warrant and found Jacobs’ silver-lined closet stuffed with plants, soil, lights and ventilation equipment.
If Jacobs’ skills as a grower are any indication of his skills as a potential murderer, the kid is harmless. Four plants being fed by four low-wattage home light bulbs aren’t going to produce very much (or very good) ganja. Good on him for trying, though.
For the weed, that is. As of Dec. 5, no charges had been filed.