U.S. Government study shows rats pass “cannabis effects” to offspring



Take it with a grain of sale (we do), but researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine funded by the National Institutes of Health, say that the offspring of rats exposed to cannabis were less motivated than offspring of non-THC dosed rats.
Their proof? Researchers had two groups of rat: one given THC injections and the other given saline. The researchers then bred the rats and say that they showed a lowered desire to seek “highly tasty food”.

Researchers also show that male offspring of the tested rats had increased weight gain. By the time the third generation of rats were born, they were back to normal. Or, whatever “normal” means for a lab rat.
In geek speak, the study apparently shows that there is a decrease in the receptors of certain neurotransmitters.
All of this comes from the same researcher, Yasmin Hurd, who says that exposure to cannabis as an adolescent increases a desire for heroin later in life.