Woman tries sneaking $10k in hash into California prison in Corn Nuts bag


While there are no doubt some fruity-smelling and candy-tasting strains of pot out there, a bag of Skittles is not the best way to try and sneak pot into a maximum security state prison. And while sandy, amber hash can sometimes look like small roasted pieces of corn, Corn Nuts should also be avoided as a potential weed Trojan horse.
Two separate California women visiting their respective companions in jail learned that the hard way over the weekend.

On Sunday, 28-year-old Christina Walker walked into the Calipatria State Prison with her 3-year-old kid and a bag of skittles and a mouth full of gum to visit convicted murderer Eden Mangram.

Christina Walker.

None of that made her suspect. The gum she was chewing, on the other hand, was banned from the prison because it can be used to jam locks cops say. Apparently Walker started acting squirrely when the cops began questioning her, which led to them searching her further where they found nine small baggies wrapped in colored cellophane weighing a total of 10 grams. Give the girl credit, she was trying.
Walker was booked into a nearby jail on suspected felony charges. Sadly, the child was turned over to Child Protective Services due to the incident.
Later that day 22-year-old Angelina Chavira came to the prison to visit Dat Nguyen, another convicted murder. Staff at the prison say the two were acting strange, so they searched them and found the Corn Nut Bag stuffed with seven bindles containing 23 grams of hash. Chavira was booked into the same prison as Walker. No word if the two have become friends.

Angelina Chavira.

While the candy-wrapped weed is no doubt entertaining, the real meat of this story is how much all of it is actually worth in prison. The weed that is, not the candy – though we’re sure that probably fetches a pretty penny inside as well.
Cops say that the 10 grams of pot was worth a staggering $2,300 in prison. That’s about as much as a pound of that same weed sells for on the open market in California these days. Even more impressive was the hash, which cops estimate to be worth somewhere in the range of $10,350 in jail. Even if it was high-dollar BHO, the prison price is still about ten times the street value of the hash itself. Actually, based on the calculations of the weed pricing, we think they are undervaluing the hash price but maybe it was just low-grade pressed bubble made from crappy trim.