Cannabis Encyclopedia strain review: Mob Boss


Mob Boss.

Want to know more about the herb you’re smoking? So do we, so we’ve hired Ry Prichard – a fellow Colorado cannabis nerd, grower, photographer and founder of the Cannabis Encyclopedia project which aims to create a central database on cannabis strain information – to help school us all, strain-wise.
This week?
Mob Boss.

Mob Boss
Lineage: ChemDawg D x Tang Tang males
Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
Overview: One of the absolute frostiest and largest-producing plants you will find, Mob Boss is a strain that was released without much fanfare but has started to earn quite the reputation on the cannabis scene.

Ry Prichard.
Mob Boss.

Created by Steele Savage of Grindhouse Medical Seeds using the ChemDawg D clone-only female and a collection of Tang Tang males, the Mob Boss was released to the public in 2009. The Tang Tang line is an interesting one which comes out of Grindhouse’s Blue Sonja line, which itself is a reworking of the Breeder Steve/Spice of Life Blockhead line. Known for top-flight production, the Blockhead line received a needed boost of character from the legendary Chem D – this hybrid is truly the best of both worlds in terms of connoisseur-level potency and commercial-level production.

Ry Prichard.
Mob Boss.

When growing, it is easy to see which parent is taking charge – the Chem-dominant plants have flat or rounded-top colas with large bracts, while the Tang Tang-dominant plants tend to produce very large, long, pointed colas with outrageous girth. It is a heavy feeder and produces a moderate to high amount or leaf coverage, but thanks to the Tang Tang males, almost every leaf surface is loaded with tall, leaning trichomes. In a garden of mixed strains, a dialed-in Mob Boss plant will stand out with its almost grey-white appearance – the trichomes coat everything but the largest water leaves, making it an incredible high-yielding choice for extractions (especially BHO).
The interplay of Chem D and Tang Tang is a complex one, and the aromas and flavors really vary from phenotype to phenotype. A small handful of plants will have a very strong Chem-dominant funk with the aggressive, fuel-tinged qualities that family is known for. More common however, is a blend of the two families, with lightly sweet floral-pine notes taking charge, with an astringent Chem background. Generally Mob Boss is not the most pungent strain, but it is certainly unique and tough to categorize.

Ry Prichard.
Mob Boss.

Where Mob Boss really shines is its head-knocking effects package, which is in the top 10% of the strongest strains that we have encountered (especially the Chem D-dominant phenotypes). Much like the ChemDawg D mother, a good Mob Boss phenotype will smack you right in the face, filling the head with a buzzing pressure and immediately lowering the eyelids. It is not a tired, end-of-the-night strain necessarily (watch the dosage!), but more of a stupefying one with a high dose of body relaxation. It’s best saved for times where high-level functionality isn’t required, such as the evening after getting out of work, a relaxing weekend at home, etc. It has shown benefits with anxiety, muscle pain, migraines, and sleep aid at high dosages, making it a fairly versatile choice for patients who stop just short of a fully Indica-like effects package.
If you’re not in a medical (or recreational) state, it is unlikely that you’ve encountered this beautiful plant. But it is definitely rising in popularity, and its combination of heavy yields, absolutely ridiculous trichome coverage, and its uber-potent effects ensures that trend will continue well into the New Year and beyond.

Cannabis Encyclopedia is our column which seeks to educate about the wide variety of strains available on the market. Ry Prichard is the writer, photographer, and researcher behind, an extensive web portal of cannabis information. He spends most of his days navigating the weed jungles of Colorado.