Justin Bieber could legally be banned from the United States for pot use (but likely won’t)



Justin Bieber was arrested on underage drunken driving charges earlier this morning in Miami after cops say they caught him street racing in a Lambo.
Normally we couldn’t give even a single fuck about this, but the Canadian also admitted to cops that he had been smoking herb, which is illegal in Florida and – more importantly – illegal federally. If those statements end up being upheld in court, it could prevent the pop icon from entering the U.S. in the future.

According to Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez, Beiber admitted to cops at the time of his arrests that he had drank a few adult beverages (he’s only 19), popped some prescription pills and had been smoking pot earlier in the night. That comes in addition to a raid last week on Beiber’s home that turned up drugs that were claimed by one of Beiber’s friends.
Now, we aren’t supportive of blocking people from the U.S. because of past (or current) pot use – even this punk – but if anyone is paying attention at Border Patrol HQ, Beibs might have a hard time making it in from Canada next time he leaves.
U.S. law forbids anyone from another country who admits to using illegal drugs from entering the U.S. – even if you’ve never been convicted of a crime. It’s considered a violation of “moral turpitude” under law.
We’ve written about this in the past, as several Canadians have learned that lesson hard way after being up-front and honest with border patrol agents asking about past drug use. And we’re not talking about drug dealers or mega-stars like Bieber, either. These are just regular, average people now banned from crossing over. For some, that means not being able to get over the border for a job or to visit property they are otherwise legally allowed to own.
People even have been prevented from flying into the U.S. after past admissions to border patrol agents. There’s even one Canadian scientist banned from the U.S. because he once wrote about LSD decades ago. It’s such an absurd law that the Colbert Report even did a segment on it:

The Colbert Report
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So, if all of that can happen for someone admitting to past use – what is to stop immigration from deporting and banning this kid from U.S. soil indefinitely for his lack of “moral turpitude”?
As best we can tell, nothing.
Nothing, except the millions of dollars he has to throw at this problem to make it go away, that is.