Marijuana Policy Project puts up pro-pot billboards up near Super Bowl site


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Hypocrites who take millions in revenue from alcohol sponsors but still prohibit the use of cannabis among their players, which is much safer substance, run the National Football League.
That’s the message pushed by five billboards sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project that have been erected in New Jersey near the site of the Super Bowl set for this Sunday.

“Marijuana is less toxic, less addictive, and less harmful to the body than alcohol,” MPP Director of Communications Mason Tvert said in a press release. “Why would the NFL want to steer its players toward drinking and away from making the safer choice to use marijuana instead? If it is okay for athletes to douse each other with champagne in front of the cameras, it should be okay for them to use marijuana privately in their homes.”
The MPP has spent a good part of the year targeting the NFL and their backwards stance on cannabis consumption, putting up billboards ealier this year in Denver chiding league officials for suspending Broncos player Von Miller for what is assumed to be cannabis use.
The billboards this time around vary in their approach but carry the same message. Two billboards read “Marijuana is less harmful to our bodies than alcohol. Why does the league punish us for making the safer choice?” and are presented in both Orange and Blue or Green and Blue themes for fans of both teams.

Two other signs show hurt footballers on the field, one with the tagline: “Marijuana: Safer than Alcohol … and football.” A fifth billboard is set up to look like a scoreboard with the total number of marijuana arrests in the U.S. each year in one column and the total number of Super Bowl attendees over the last decade – the two figures are only off by a few thousand people.
“Most Americans think marijuana should be legal, and laws around the country are beginning to reflect that,” Tvert said. “The NFL needs to catch up with the times. It is no longer necessary or popular to punish adults simply for using marijuana.”
But could NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell actually be softening his stance on cannabis? He’s said in several recent interviews that he isn’t opposed to medical cannabis therapies for players down the line when he sees sufficient scientific evidence to allow it. He’s also noted that the NFL would look very strongly at any therapies that help with player concussions.

Another billboard going up near MetLife Stadium.

That sentiment was echoed this week by Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll:
“We have to continue to explore and compete to find ways that are going to make our game a better game and take care of our players in the best way possible,” Carroll said at a press conference this week.“The fact that it’s in the world of medicine is obviously something [that Commissioner Roger Goodell]realizes and him making the expression that we need to follow the information and the research absolutely I’m in support of. Regardless of what other stigmas may be involved, I think we have to do this because the world of medicine is trying to do the exact same thing and figure it out and they’re coming to some conclusions.”

Another MPP billboard….