Texas senate candidate says marijuana advocates have their heads up their asses


You probably haven’t heard of Chris Mapp, a South Texas boat salesman and one of the six also-rans challenging John Cornyn in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, and here’s hoping you never have occasion to hear of him again after March 4.
In addition to advocating for the right to shooting human beings found crossing the Texas/Mexico border without warning or provocation, this personal-liberties warrior is completely against your personal right to consume cannabis: “As this society degrades, I hope they can learn to speak a second language and that language had better be Chinese because if marijuana is your biggest issue then you are screwed and it pains me that you would take your country with you. your views will get this country in a place that liberty will become but a memory.”
Yes, Mapp truly believes smoking cannabis will lead to China taking over the world. Dallas Observer has the rest of this.