Utah college kids busted smoking pot in an igloo


As many of us who went to school in the Rocky Mountains can tell you: college kids plus weed plus snow days equals pot igloos. I can remember a major storm my senior year dumping feet of snow at my house at the University of Denver and me and my roommates building a snow hotbox in my back yard big enough for eight that lasted for at least a week.I think my roommate Andy even slept it in it.
Unfortunately, four college kids in Utah weren’t as lucky and are facing disciplinary action from the University of Utah for simply doing what college kids do.

Apparently Sgt. Garth Smith of the pretend police University of Utah Police Department was out on his rounds last month when a security guard alerted him to a possible stoner den hidden between campus housing and a nearby park.
The setup was “elaborate” according to Smith, who said it had a door made of cardboard set up on a hinge fashioned from a stick. Pure Stoner MacGyver shit right here, folks.
And by hidden, we mean the five-foot igloo was probably really easy to see. And smell. The guard said he heard voices and smelled ganja smoke before rustling the kids out and busting one for pot and paraphernalia possession.

The igloo didn’t fare as well, and was destroyed immediately.