Kentucky state Senate approves CBD bill


The Kentucky state Senate yesterday gave final approval to a bill that would legalize cannabidiol (CBD) oil for minors in the state suffering from severe, chronic seizure disorders. The bill now moves on to the House, which is expected to pass the measure as well.

According to the bill penned by Republican state Sen. Julie Denton, researchers from the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville medical schools would be allowed to set up controlled research studies on pediatric seizure patients. Denton says that after speaking with parents of sick children desperate for anything to help their children without having to uproot their lives to move to a medical-legal state, she realized something needed to be done.
“These children are going to be doomed to a lifetime of cognitive disability or even death,” Denton told her colleagues before the vote.
The bill will now move on to the state House, where Speaker Greg Stumbo says it will likely pass, due in part to the multitude of families who have called and written to their representatives with their pleas for help.
According to the state Epilepsy Foundation, some 10,000 children suffer from severe seizure disorders and could benefit from the bill.