Miami’s first medical marijuana school could open next month


Cannabis Training University/Wikipedia commons.

Miamians hoping to take their careers to a higher level might get the chance as soon as next month. Medical marijuana may still be a pipe dream in Florida, but Jeremy Bufford, the founder of Medical Marijuana Tampa, says he’s planning to open South Florida’s first school aimed at teaching weed entrepreneurship.

Here’s how the school will work: Students fork over $499 for about a month’s worth of classes, which are either spaced out four days a week or consolidated into weekend classroom marathons.
If voters pass the medical marijuana amendment on the ballot in November, the only people who will be allowed to possess pot will be patients, treatment centers, and caregivers. Upon graduation, Medical Marijuana Miami students will become caretakers who are legally allowed to grow weed for five patients each. Anything extra they cultivate can be sold back to the school.
Bufford says caregivers have the ability to earn up to $100,000 each, but warns that Spicoli need not apply.
“We issue grades, we have homework, and you’ve gotta put some effort into this,” Bufford says. “It’s very different than putting a seed into the ground and watering it. This is medical marijuana, not something you would buy on the street.”
Miami New Times has the rest.