New ACLU interactive tool makes showing the inequities of marijuana enforcement easier than ever


Look, we know we don’t have to tell you all that marijuana prohibition just doesn’t work. We know it’s preaching to the choir to tell you all that marijuana laws are enforced wildly unequally between white people and minorities and that, despite the same rates of usage, a black man is far more likely to be arrested for pot than a white man is. And you certainly know that states spend millions upon millions each year fighting simple marijuana possession crimes.

All of that is stuff you already knew. But chances are, you know someone who doesn’t know that. Or doesn’t want to believe you when you tell them that a state like, say, Texas wastes about $251.65 million last year enforcing marijuana laws alone – more than enough to build 13 brand-new high schools every year. We all know those people. Thankfully, the ACLU has created this handy online guide that makes pointing out the waste and failure of the war on cannabis that much easier.
Click over to the ACLU’s Uncovery site to check out data on your state, as well as email your state representative or even just your uber-conservative Uncle John who just can’t wrap his head around the fact that marijuana use is a personal liberties issue.