Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly want to legalize medical marijuana (recreational, not so much)


Eighty-five percent of Pennsylvania voters want to legalize medical marijuana in their state, according to a poll released this week by Quinnipiac University.
However, the survey also showed that only 48 percent of voters would approve of legalizing recreational cannabis. 49 percent said they would oppose it.

“Pennsylvanians think overwhelmingly that marijuana is equal to or less dangerous than alcohol, and join the American trend toward tolerance for both medical and recreational use,” said Quinnipiac assistant director Tim Malloy.
The poll was taken between February 19 and February 24 of this year, and surveyed about 1,400 voters in Pennsylvania.
Interestingly, opposition to recreational sales seem to be based on gender at least in some age groups. Men tended to support recreational use of marijuana by 55 percent while women opposed it by 54 percent. Not surprisingly, Republican voters oppose it by 66 percent.
Sadly, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has said many times that he is not in favor of relaxing the states marijuana laws for either recreational or medical without the federal government doing so first.