Uruguay proposes buying Canadian weed to kick-start legal pot program


Want to smoke Canadian weed? Head to Uruguay. Or, at least that will be the case if a proposed deal to re-up Uruguay’s soon-to-be-legal supply with B.C. buds goes through. But Uruguayans looking to get down on some God Bud probably shouldn’t hold their hits in too long, as the deal would likely violate a bucketful of international drug treaty violations.
Still, you can’t fault a nation for trying.

Come April 1, limited amounts of marijuana will be legalized for adults in Uruguay. But officials in that country worry that the supply might not meet the demand – especially if it’s selling at $1 a gram, which has been proposed as well.
“To start with, we will have to buy cannabis,”Uruguayan Sen. Lucia Topolansky and wife of President Jose Mujica told GlobalPost. “I think that we’re going to buy it from Canada, because that’s where the best quality is.”
We’re not really blindly patriotic here, but we have to respectfully disagree. Canadian buds are great, but California and Colorado are where it’s at, Lucy.
Not that anyone in Uruguay will be toking buds from either country any time soon. Not only would exporting be illegal according to UN treaties, there isn’t enough legal pot to sell in Canada currently with their federal medical pot program undergoing a major overhaul that handed cultivation over to a handful of producers.
Not only that, but they would be losing money. Medical cannabis in Canada sells for anywhere from four- to twelve-times the rate it is going to be sold in Uruguay.
And it’s not like the country will really be hurting for pot. Uruguayans also now have the right to grow six plants in their home and keep up to 480 grams from their harvest annually. Hash clubs can open up that allow members to grow up to 99 plants together as a collective.