Colorado lawmakers trying to ban edibles that look like normal food (seriously)


Thanks to a few bad parents who let their children get into marijuana edibles that shouldn’t have been left out, Colorado lawmakers now feel the need to play parents. Under a proposed bill, any marijuana edible that resembles a commercially-available food (thing gummy bears, lozenges, and cookies) would be banned.

Keep in mind marijuana edibles already have to be sold in opaque packaging that isn’t attractive to minors and can’t leave a store without being placed in a childproof container (sometimes more than one). So, basically, if your kid is getting into your pot food then you’re not doing a very good job of keeping it out of their hands – but the dispensaries have done their part.
To prove the point of the bill, Colorado state Rep. Frank McNulty handed a tray of candies and cookies around to his colleagues. Some had marijuana in them, some didn’t.
“If you can’t tell the difference, how could a 3-year-old?” he asked a committee this week.
His fix? Require all pot foods to have a certain shape, or color or mark on them. Because, you know, that 3-year-old the paren’t wasn’t watching out for in the first place won’t eat that either or anything like that.
McNulty also said it would make transporting the edibles out of state harder, or at least would make them easier to spot for out-of-state police.