Colorado police chief fears second-hand high in scenario that has never happened


Pueblo, Police Chief Luis must have a lot of time on his hands. This week he publically announced his fears that if his officers ever have to respond to a pot club (they haven’t ever) that they may get a contact high.
“I am concerned that if there are some kind of disturbance inside one of those clubs and our officers get there, they will be entering a structure that will be nothing but laden with [marijuana]smoke,” Pueblo Police Chief Luis Velez told Denver’s KUSA. His biggest worry: that they’ll be too high to drive afterward. Seriously.

He’s making a scare out of nothing. His officers already face the possibility of responding to a residence where adults 21 and up are smoking cannabis legally inside. They probably already have, and yet Velez didn’t mention that.
But, okay, let’s play into his delusional paranoia: If cops did encounter a pot club and get a second-hand high (they won’t), it’s among the least dangerous possible things that will happen to them on duty that day. Marijuana can’t kill you, and the miniscule high from second-hand pot smoke in a dense room wouldn’t cause more than the munchies. It’s certainly not putting anyone at 5 nanograms or more. And, finally, why not just require cops who theoretically would respond to this hypothetical situation to not drive afterward?
Pueblo currently has a moratorium on pot clubs that could be reversed later this year.