Denver cops imply marijuana was a factor in horrific shooting, sparks more Reefer Madness


A husband allegedly shot is wife in the head in Denver Monday night. And while the crime is horrible, it is primarily making news because police and Denver media are latching on to the rumor that the man may have been high on marijuana at the time.
But what police aren’t making a big deal is their absurdly slow reaction time – 13 minutes – nor do they have any concrete evidence of marijuana consumption or that it contributed to the incident (hint: it didn’t).

According to police, 44-year-old Kristine Kirk called 911 just after 9:00 p.m. on Monday night. After spending more than 12 minutes on the phone with dispatchers telling them that her husband “was talking about the end of the world and he wanted her to shoot him.” She told dispatch that her husband was hallucinating. After a few minutes, she tells dispatch that her husband had grabbed the gun from the gun safe and, after a scream and a gunshot, the line went silent as Kristine fell dead with a gunshot to her head.
All of this took place in front of the couple’s three children. Kirk was arrested on the site and allegedly admitted to the shooting to police.
Sounds like a crazy man who snapped, right? Yes, to any normal person that would be the call. But apparently the police want you to think differently, which is why they’ve made it a priority to spread the rumor that Richard Kirk was high on a pot cookie when the shooting occurred. They said they are making marijuana part of their investigation.

Richard Kirk.

Never mind their super-slow response and what we see as a gross underestimation of the situation by the dispatch officer.
Not only that, but there is a Denver Police station 1.1 miles away from the Kirk house. It would have taken cops three minutes to get to the house. Four max. So in the time of the call, the cops could have got to the Kirk house three times over. Yet the Denver Police spokesman played it off like they were just seconds late after hurrying over to the scene:
“They were almost there,” DPD spokesman Sonny Jackson told reporters yesterday. “We will look into the call and see if the time line is appropriate.”
There isn’t much new information coming out about this story yet, but in the meantime the story has already been picked up around the world for the possible link to marijuana. And of course local media went with it.
But as anyone who has ever tried even the smallest amount of cannabis can tell you: marijuana doesn’t make you delusional and hallucinate. It just doesn’t. Someone has to have some existing (and severe) mental imbalance to even begin to consider such things.
All of this comes just a few weeks after an African student on vacation in Denver allegedly ate a pot brownie then flipped out and jumped from a hotel balcony. Again, marijuana doesn’t make you delusional or forget the laws of gravity and physics. This kid clearly had some other issues, but the lazy Denver coroner didn’t see it that way. Instead, the coroner made a political statement by linking the student’s suicide-like jump to marijuana use.
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Richard Kirk is due in court at 10 a.m. today in Denver.