Florida sheriffs launch anti-medical marijuana campaign


The many opponents of legalized marijuana in Florida have come and gone, defeated with facts and science and the power of the people. But, like a ferocious hungry hydra looking to devour the movement at every turn, opposition continues to rear its long, scaly talons at preventing medical weed from being legalized.
The most recent — and perhaps biggest — opposition to date comes in the form of the Florida Sheriffs Association, which has launched a staunch anti-Amendment 2 campaign called “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot.”

On its website, the FSA put up a “public safety” page, detailing reasons why it opposes the passing of Amendment 2 and linking to different articles that support its concerns.
The FSA is also joining other anti-medical marijuana groups, such as Save Our Society From Drugs, to push the “Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot” movement, although it says it’s not planning on making it a political thing.
While it does plan on taking donations for the campaign, the FSA’s tax status keeps it from outright telling people to vote no on Amendment 2.
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