Marijuana legalization is inevitable whether you like it or not, according to latest poll


Support it or not, Americans find the legalization of marijuana to be an inevitable thing according to a Pew Research Poll released this week. Seventy-five percent of the nearly 2,000 adults polled said that marijuana will be legally sold and taxed in this country eventually.
Notably, 54 percent said that marijuana should be legalized for adults and 76 percent said marijuana possession of small amounts isn’t worth going to jail over.

The poll also asked voters if they though alcohol was more harmful than cannabis, with 69 percent agreeing that booze was worse for a person’s health and 63 percent agreeing that alcohol is more harmful for society in general.
The study also looked at other drugs, and found that most Americans believe that our government should be providing treatment for heroin and cocaine addicts instead of handing out prison sentences. Only 26 percent said jail was the right answer.
Other highlights:
– 54 percent said that legalizing marijuana would increase usage among youth
– 63 percent said that mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders are wrong
– 63 percent said that it would bother them if their neighbor consumed cannabis

Read the entire poll at the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.