Oregon officials change position, allow marijuana-infused foods


Brownies are okay, but candies like this will remain illegal.

As we reported last week, Oregon recently began re-allowing medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the state under a new, uniform set of guidelines. Among those rules: dispensaries weren’t allowed to sell edibles that could be “attractive to minors”. That meant no cookies, brownies, crackers, candies or anything sweet and loaded with cannabis extracts could be sold.
But state officials fixed that problem last night, issuing a revised set of rules that allows for baked infused-foods but still banning anything that is colorful and childlike, or anything that is “an animal or any other commercially recognizable toy or candy.”

The change should satisfy some of the 300-plus patients who wrote the state health department to complain, however the language could end up banning things like lolipops and other candies that resemble non-medicated treats already on the market.
“Medicine isn’t candy, and it shouldn’t look like candy,” Tom Burns, Director of Pharmacy Programs for the Oregon Health Authority, said in a press release last night.
The new rules also limit packaging information to contain only the brand logo of the facility that makes it, so long as it doesn’t have any cartoons in it. Packaging has to be opaque and child-resistant.
Officials say they will review the policy again in September in a rule-making review commission.