Phoenix residents caught with more than 1,200 pounds of pot driving back from Mexico on 4/20


Three Phoenix residents were caught trying to bring back more than 1,200 pounds of marijuana to the United States in RVs, on the pot holiday of “4/20.”
If the more seasoned drug-smugglers can get caught crossing the border by hiding drugs in specially fabricated compartments or inside bodily orifices, you can bet the pot-filled RV plot didn’t go over so well.

First, Teddy Dwayne Scamp, 51, and Margaret Jean Lins, 38, drove an RV to the port of entry in Lukeville.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers noticed Scamp “appeared nervous” and was “shuddering” while he was being asked customs declaration questions, according to federal court documents.
Upon further inspection, officers noticed what appeared to be some modifications to the RV. An X-ray image of the RV confirmed those suspicions, and nearly 700 pounds of pot was found under the mattress and in a wall compartment of the RV.
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