Texas survey shows 93 percent support for decriminalizing cannabis


The idea of Texas as a marijuana-hating state might not be exactly accurate according to a study this week from Progress Texas that shows 92 percent of 9,000 Texans surveyed want the plant legalized and 93 percent want it decriminalized.
The study coincides with the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws putting up a billboard in the Metroplex advertising for the 2014 Global Marijuana March on May 3 in Fort Worth with the slogan “Isn’t it high time you got involved?”

The billboard has met some resistance in Dallas and Fort Worth, predictably.
“Over and over again, we hear the stories about people smoking pot and drinking, and that has to be a part of the conversation — smoking pot and drinking alcohol, before you know it, they’re full blown addicts,” Becca Crowell, director of an addiction recovery center in Dallas, told CBS News.

But others in the largely libertarian-leaning conservative state see it with a more level head.
“If you can tax it, make some revenue, seems efficient. As time goes, it keeps progressing. If it works, it works. I don’t see what’s the harm in it,” said Tessa McGlynn of Garland said.
While the liberal-leaning Progress Texas survey isn’t exactly bulletproof, it does jive well with a survey from September of last year showing as much as 61 percent of Texas voters would support marijuana decriminalization, and 58 percent supporting the legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis.