The ten best stoner metal bands ever



No other musical genre (aside from reggae) has a stronger connection to the cannabis lifestyle than heavy metal, hence the term ‘stoner metal.’ But of course, this term describes a subgenre that can encompass different types of metal music and mean different things to different folks; whether you’re into that slow burning, hazy sound or a faster heavier more intense variety, there are as many ‘ stoner’ metal bands as there are strains of marijuana.
Backbeat writer Alex Distefano compiled a list of metal artists are best heard in a more mellow state of mind; but be warned, while some of these bands might look stoned in appearance, they all possess similar sound waves and patterns that heavy are enough to shatter your glass bong. So burn a bowl of your best stash, and turn your speakers up loud this 4/20 weekend. Bongripper? Weedeater? Bongzilla? Cannabis Corpse? Do they even make the list? Check out his list of the Top 10 Stoner Metal Bands over at