Top eleven products of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup


Hitman Glass tubes shining in the Colorado sunshine.

The 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup ran this past weekend in Denver, with tens of thousands of people showing up to get high, get happy and celebrate our favorite plant and the recent legalization of cannabis use and sales in Colorado over the last few years.
As always, the event is also the time for cannabis product makers to show off their goods. Below are our top ten eleven pipes, bongs, vaporizers and other devices on sale over the weekend.

Number 11: Nexus puck bubbler
These kept catching my eye. The cool hockey puck design creates a heavy, solid base when filled with water, and the tiny divot in the top glass acts as a water deflector for the straw-like stem. The one with the white mouthpiece in the foreground even glows in the dark. The Nexus guy behind the table must have seen my eying them all day, because the third or fourth time around, he called me over and told me to take my pick for $200. It took a lot of self-control to not pull out my wallet. The company is out of L.A., so reach out at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Number 10: Electroformed mini-oil dome and horned skillet rig

Like seemingly everyone else on the planet, I’m hooked on the crack that is Game of Thrones. No wonder these two pipes looked like something straight out of the desert tent of queen Daenerys Targaryen — because you know she would be smoking some really, really good hash. I didn’t get a price or the name of the glass shop, so if anyone has that information and could share it, it would be awesome to give some credit where credit is due.
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Number 9: Bates/Bandhu marble slide oil rig
Look closely at the top glass roller-coaster track spiraling down and through the black figure-eight bubbler and you can see three orange marbles rattling on their way down. It felt like a light wind could have blown the thing over, but the guys at that were showing the thing off said it was pretty strong (all things considered). You know the expression: “If you have to ask how expensive it is, you can’t afford it”? That pretty much describes the mutli-thousand dollar price tag on this mind-blowing piece of functional artwork.

Number 8: Titanium Deviations
It’s a new take on the old-school dugout and one-hitter that just about every cannabis toker has had at one time or another. Only instead of costing $8 bucks like the old copper and wood model, this all-titanium bat was a lofty $75 a pop. Still, I like the idea of a super-durable one-hitter like this and the fact that it’s titanium made and milled here in the U.S. means that it’s not going to off-gas like cheap foreign metal. It’s one of those products that you laugh at the first time you walk past, double-take the second time, and consider investing in on the third when you realize how much money you’ve wasted on broken glass one-hitters over the last ten years. Wives (and husbands) of stoners who still enjoy puffing their flowers on the sly: This would make an awesome special-occasion gift.
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Number 7: Speedee Trim
I’m not really a fan of machine-trimmed bud, but I have to admit that this awesomely dangerous micro-hedge clipper set was putting out some awesome, hand-manicured nuggets in exponentially less time than with a pair of shears. Best of all, they trim the buds without rattling them around and stripping the herb of all of the beautiful trichomes. There’s even an alcohol-soaking pad to clean the blades in under a minute, so you can get back to speeding through your next harvest. Yes, the thing is $199, but it looks like it would pay for itself in made-up time the next time you’re ready to trim.

Number 6: MonkeyBallz
Glass cleaner is glass cleaner. It’s alcohol, some sort of abrasive element like salt and usually some sort of detergent and artificial scent. MonkeyBallz is actually none of those — well, some of those probably, but MonkeyBallz products are all-natural and eco-friendly. So you can pour it down the drain and not feel bad about killing the environment. And there’s also a use I had never thought of: using the stuff to scrub out those little spatters of oil that sometimes make their way onto my shorts and jeans.
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Number 5: Toker Poker
Lighter covers always remind me of my chain-smoking uncle. He had a silver-and-pearl case that was probably the ultimate thing for a happy-hour hero in that era. Anyway, this Toker Poker is nothing like that. It has an actual purpose: The poker on the back is the pin you never seem to be able to find when you need it and the little boot-heel piece is for packing down or tamping out a bowl after it’s been lit. You can also wrap hemp-wick around the bottom and the wire piece will bend over it. Pretty sweet an they were only $8 or so.

Number 4: Thriving Lotus Creations oil rigs and bubbler
Owners and artists Kirk and Katie Howlett’s pipes had some of the most vivid, beautiful color work at the entire cup. There was something very old-school-meets-new-school about their work, and it reminded me of the “inside out” fumed pieces I used to pick up back in the ’90s crossed with new colors and wild oil-rig-inspired technique of today. The lotus flower on the right was probably my favorite on display from the artists who are based out of Buena Vista. They also make some phenomenal blown glass stemware, dishware and ladies jewelry.
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Number 3: MaryJane Glass
There’s so much going on in this sick little handheld piece from Colorado-based Maryjane Glass that I had to stare at it for an uncomfortably long time just to figure out. That also could have been due to the spliff of Skywalker OG I had in my mouth at the time. I didn’t get a price, but you can reach the company at if you’re interested — and I know you’re interested.

Number 2: DabJoy
E-nails are (understandably) all the rage right now. The obvious advantage is that there’s no blowtorch, but they work great for maintaining a constant temperature on the head of the nail that makes smoking really good icewater hash a breeze. The problem is, that most of the devices look like butchered oven coils and just aren’t sexy enough to put on some of these fantastic glass pieces on the market. DabJoy seems to have solved that in one amazing package that looks like an obscure exhaust manifold from a Lamborghini with a nail surface the size of a large pizza. I told the guy it was probably the most aesthetically beautiful devices I’d seen and among my favorite things at the Cup and meant it. Well done, DabJoy. Well done.

Number 1: Glass bass guitar
Pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a bass guitar that is way too fragile to play, doesn’t have any tone and has a bunch of spiders blown into it. But you can smoke weed out of it, dude.