Wisconsin Senate unanimously approves vague, CBD-extract bill


Jay Kumar Koulampet/Commons.
Wisconsin state Capitol.

A bill that would allow children suffering from severe seizure disorders to access cannabidiol (CBD) oil for treatment was unanimously approved by the Wisconsin state Senate yesterday — though just where that oil would come from is unclear.
The bill has already been given the green light by the state House, and now heads to Gov. Scott Walker for approval. Walker has not indicated which way he plans to go with the bill.

The Senate decision was applauded by families across the state desperate for something that can help ease the suffering of their children. Amylynne Santiago Volker’s son, Nic, for example, has more than 100 seizures every day.
“I’m just so overwhelmed and overjoyed and so grateful that we have a renewed hope for our kids and our families,” Volker told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
Not everyone was pleased with the outcome, however. Sen Jon Erpenbach says approving the bill is a small step and that the legislature needs to be considering legalizing medical cannabis outright.
“There are thousands of Wisconsinites we are leaving behind today,” Erpenbach said.
It is unclear in the language of the bill where patients would access the CBD oil. The bill doesn’t legalize the production of CBD oil or the cultivation of cannabis. The federal government considers CBD oil to be just another part of the illegal cannabis plant, so pharmacies in the state won’t be carrying it.