Activist group compiles videos of Colorado cars being profiled out of state


For a year-plus, we’ve shared claims of pot profiling from drivers who say they were pulled over on bogus pretenses in other states simply because their vehicle had Colorado license plates. For instance, a 65-year-old was told she fit the profile of a drug smuggler because she didn’t fit the profile of a drug smuggler and a man was pulled over due to a rental car records snafu that didn’t really exist.
Out-of-state agencies tend to deny that they profile despite evidence suggesting they do — and a new report offers possible reasons why such efforts happen. Videos below show three Colorado drivers getting pulled over in Idaho for the most minor of infractions, but in each case, troopers found weed.

In the piece (read it in its entirety by clicking here), Complete Colorado’s Todd Shepherd accurately notes that the images offer arguments for and against profiling. But they also document drivers being stopped for reasons that would almost certainly be ignored in every other circumstance.
Below, check out a video of an Idaho state trooper pulling over a Colorado driver for not signaling for five seconds before changing lanes. Seriously.

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