Chicago man allegedly fed marijuana cake to one-year-old


Emmanuael Ekaette.

You know what doesn’t help the legalization cause? Being a complete jackass with your cannabis. Case and point: Chicagoland’s Emmanuael Ekaette, who was arrested and charged with purposefully feeding a 1-year-old a marijuana cake over the weekend.

According to police, the woman – possibly Ekaette’s girlfriend – and her child were at Ekaette’s house when he graciously offered them some cake. The woman took the cake and fed bits of it to her son. Only, after a few bites she noticed something un-cake like. When the woman asked about the leaves she saw sticking out of the chocolate, Ekaette said it was just spices and seasonings according to the state district attorney’s office.
Fast-forward a few hours to the woman checking herself and her baby into a local hospital as she began to feel “hazy” have an anxiety attack. The woman’s concerns about the actual ingredients of the cake apparently made their way to doctors, who tested both her and the baby for THC. When the tests came up positive, police were called and showed up at Ekaette’s door shortly after.
Ekaette allegedly admitted to the shitty prank and handed the cake over to cops when they asked for it. He now faces charges for aggravated battery, endangering the health of a child and possession of cannabis.