Colorado Cannabis Summit kicks off May 22 in Denver


The legalization of recreational marijuana sales that kicked in on January 1 in Colorado has prompted a boom in pot tourism despite the continuing refusal by the State of Colorado and the City of Denver to embrace and promote the cannabis industry.
More indications of this phenomenon can be seen in the increasing number of marijuana-themed conventions and events — and not just around 4/20. Witness the Colorado Cannabis Summit, taking place later this month. And it’s far from the last major get-together of its kind. The conference gets underway at 8 a.m. on May 22 at the Exdo Event Center. Here’s how Stan Wagner, event CEO and head of Red Thread Creative Group, hypes it.

Wagner describes the summit as focusing on topics such as safety (hence the participation of CannaLabs, a major product-testing operation) and innovation (the CEO of Surna is among the speakers who’ll address that).
Also on the agenda are jobs and employees, a subject Wagner describes as “one of my passions. We know there’s a new market for budtenders, but how do you hire them? How do you manage them? How do you keep them engaged? Because there’s no blueprint for this. It’s an entirely new industry.”
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