Colorado considering limits on recreational marijuana edible serving sizes


The edibles selection at a Colorado dispensary.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has convened a working group to look into placing THC limits on pot edibles. At the group’s last meeting, the MED proposed packaging that would require individual serving sizes featuring 10 milligrams of activated THC to be wrapped separately when sold as part of a 100 mg package — the limit under state law. But many edibles manufacturers aren’t wild about the idea.

According to Meg Colins, executive director of the Cannabis Business Alliance, “this effort about potency and serving size is a direct result of two incidents” — the death of Levy Thamba, who jumped from a hotel balcony after eating a marijuana edible, and the murder of Kristine Kirk at the hands of her husband, Richard Kirk, after he had allegedly consumed pot candy and pain killers.
Other factors, Collins says, include “reports coming out from various emergency rooms about people overindulging in edible products.”
In Collins’s view, this is a good discussion to have. “Most Americans look at a cookie as a serving size, even if they’re told repeatedly to divide that cookie into ten pieces — because a serving size is 10 mg of activated THC. It’s intuitive. So the Cannabis Business Alliance edibles council started meeting back in February to talk about legislation that was going forward and some of these other challenges, so we can do a better job of educating particularly a first-time or novice consumer.”