Colorado roadside checkpoints show booze is a major problem, marijuana isn’t


In the months since limited marijuana use and possession became legal for adults 21 and over, we’ve been seeking out statistics related to driving under the influence of marijuana in the hope of determining how the number of offenses compares to alcohol-related DUIs. Earlier this month, for instance, we revealed that at one Larimer County checkpoint, the ratio of alcohol to pot busts was 21 to 1.
Now, the City of Lakewood has provided information about a checkpoint last Friday night, as well as figures compiled between 2009 and 2013. The data shows that at least 75 percent of DUI arrests over these periods involved alcohol — and that total is often a whole lot higher.

During the May 23 checkpoint, conducted at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, Lakewood police officers contacted 1,689 cars, with four DUI arrests made. Of those, one was classified as DUID: driving under the influence of drugs. In the latter case, the drug was marijuana.
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