New Zealand cat steals bag of weed, brings it home to owner


Generally speaking, we here at Toke think cats are evil animals that attempt to steal your soul while you sleep. One New Zealand kitty, though, is even more diabolical: it steals marijuana.
An unnamed woman from the Dunedin, New Zealand neighborhood of Halfway Bush called cops this week to report that her cat had dragged a baggie with about five grams of pot in it onto her back doorstep. While the cat was undoubtedly proud of his haul, his owner wasn’t very pleased and called the cops to deal with the ganja.

Cops in Dunedin, New Zealand – known as one of the more cannabis friendly cities in Kiwi-land – say this is a first for their department. It total, the cops said five grams of pot had a street value of about $100. That’s a little high compared to prices we found in the city a few years ago, but we don’t expect cops to be very accurate when trying to inflate drug bust figures anyway.
“I guess you never really know who is keeping you honest these days, do you?” Sgt. Reece Munro of the Dunedin Police rold the New Zealand Herald, which broke the story. Munro said they would have the baggie fingerprinted for further evidience (Editor’s note: they have way too much time on their hands).
The cops even went so far as to suggest that they might consider training cats as drug detection animals in the future.
The cat was not arrested or charged with any crimes.