Obama asking for 1,430 pounds of cannabis in 2014


President Barack Obama would arrest you for trying to purchase three-quarters of a ton of marijuana, but when his administration does exactly that it’s business as usual.
According to a Drug Enforcement Administration, the amount of marijuana being grown by the federal government at the University of Mississippi will increase this year to 1,430 pounds of pot.

Originally, Ole Miss was supposed to grow only 46 pounds or so – as they have been doing for years with the permission of the federal government. That’s how high-profile medical cannabis activist and federal marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld gets his ganja. But according to TheBlaze.com, which broke the story, the National Institutes on Drug Abuse has requested more – partially due to the number of states legalizing medical cannabis.
“NIDA recently notified the DEA that it required additional supplies of marijuana to be manufactured in 2014 to provide for current and anticipated research efforts involving marijuana. The DEA was unaware of NIDA’s additional need at the time the initial aggregate production quote for marijuana was established in September 2013. The aggregate production quote for marijuana should be increased in order to provide a continuous and uninterrupted supply of marijuana in support of DEA-registered researchers who are approved by the Federal Government to utilize marijuana in their research protocols.”
It would also make sense that the government is ramping up production due to increase in the number of children benefitting from CBD treatments. Several states like Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin (and soon Florida) have legalized CBD treatments but have not legalized the cultivation of high-CBD cannabis plants or oils. Patients in those states will have to get their meds from out of state or through clinical trials – and one of the only ways they could get CBD oil from a clinical trial was if the university conducting the trial had federal permission and access to the oil. A chunk of the ganja could also be going toward a DEA-approved University of Arizona study on marijuana and post-traumatic stress disorder.
We’re just speculating here, but it would make a lot more sense than, say, a Presidential pot party at the White House. While the government doesn’t really put a value on their herb, to put it in perspective it could be worth more than $3.5 million at $2,500 a pound.