Organic famers fighting marijuana grow operation in Boulder


When a Colorado community doesn’t want a marijuana cultivation warehouse, some people assume that the area is anti-pot and, therefore, anti-Colorado. However, one Boulder farming community is fighting a battle against marijuana that has nothing to do with any stereotypes about the plant.
Paul Cure of Cure Organic Farms has spent the last ten years building up a certified organic farm with his wife, Anne. To be certified organic by the government, the Cures had to pay thousands of dollars in fees and maintain strict requirements on their growing and handling of food.

But if Boulder County approves the construction of four, 4,000-plus square-foot marijuana greenhouses and a 5,040 square-foot plant warehouse on 75th Street and Valmont Road, Paul Cure says, their organic farm would become tainted.
“This is not about pot,” he adds. “Our concerns are very multi-dimensional. First and foremost, the air and water quality would be seriously jeopardized. This is a 21,000 square-foot footprint that our whole neighborhood is affected by.”
Cure, whose land would border the proposed growing operation, says the pesticides and chemicals used to grow indoor marijuana would severely hurt the neighboring soil, and the abundant pot plants would impact the smell of his community. Other farmers and residents in the area feel the same way he does, he adds.
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