Pot-infused “syzzurp” hits Los Angeles-area medical dispensaries (seriously)


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Marijuana isn’t physically addictive and nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose. On the other hand, codeine addiction is a very serious problem that can often lead to the abuse of other pharmaceutical drugs. It also results in the overdose deaths of thousand of Americans every year.
So why not conflate the two into one product with the street name given to the intentional abuse of codeine? That surely screams “medical”, right? Apparently so if you’re California-based Actabliss.

“Grape Syzurp with Cannabidnoids” by Actabliss has just hit the L.A. market. But it doesn’t actually contain the codeine that’s one of the main ingredients in the real sizzurp. This Syzurp is all about the THC and cannabinoids.
This week the product was delivered to Los Angeles for its first medical marijuana retail sales here, says Actabliss’ founder, who wants to be known only by the nickname Actaboss.
The product was formulated early this year, unveiled to the public one month ago on April 20 (a.k.a. 420) via free samples, and finally sold to the public about a week after that at GreenWorks in Actabliss’ hometown of San Diego, he said.
The idea is not to recreate the buzz of sizzurp and lean but to create an alternative. You know, because associating cannabis with an addictive and deadly pharmaceutical drug is always a good idea.
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