Spice raids address health crisis caused by “synthetic marijuana,” spokesman says


Last month’s Spice bust in Loveland, Colorado, in which a business owner and two employees were arrested for peddling a substance colloquially known as synthetic marijuana (even though it has little in common with cannabis), got plenty of attention. But the operation pales in comparison to a nationwide series of raids and arrests conducted by assorted federal, state and local agencies as coordinated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

The federal indictment focuses in part on Daniel Bernier, whose business was alternately known as The Really Cool Stuff Company and Heart of Asia. He’s said to have overseen the importation of Spice to Florida, where it was sprayed with a green vegetable substance, presumably intended to make the assorted chemicals look more like cannabis. In addition, wholesaler Donald Creager III allegedly oversaw shipment of the products to assorted retail outlets in Colorado.
Not that Florida and Colorado were the only two states targeted. The eight-month investigation also reached into Georgia, Alaska, Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Nevada, and there were plenty of raids and busts to go around.
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