Weed Fairy strikes Seattle, leaving happiness and ganja in her wake


On Valentine’s Day in 1967, social activist Abbie Hoffman sent out 3,000 pre-rolled joints to random names in a New York phonebook, with Jimi Hendrix rumored to fund Hoffman’s illegal giveaway. Although the 60s are over, pothead philanthropy still exists.
Enter: the Weed Fairy.

Known for taping nugs of herb to the walls and lampposts of Brooklyn in October 2013, the weed fairy expanded her charitable efforts last weekend when she left Seattle residents with very similar gifts.
Little is known about 23-year-old Yeni Sledi, who indentified herself as the weed fairy on twitter after her Brooklyn giveaway, except for her desire to spread the uplifting effects of her stash. Her generous alter ego, @DanksyAppleSeed, was more public during the latest round of handouts due to Washington’s legal marijuana laws.
Some were understandably skeptical during her Brooklyn stop, worrying about the quality of her presents and the possibility of smoking laced weed. She quickly ended the worry with a tweet naming the strain.
During her second go-round, Seattle was much less apprehensive.
Considering the greedy age we live in, most were quick to assume Sledi’s actions were fueled by some marketing tactic or product promotion.

Thurgood Jenkins, she is not.
Nothing is known about the weed fairy’s next stop, or if she’ll ever have another one, but judging by her twitter account, her random acts of kindness will continue to pop up.